Easy Catcher Disposable

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Easy Catcher Disposable


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The Allen® Easy Catcher is designed to catch and drain fluid during a surgical procedure. It attaches to the side rails of an OR table via two integral rail clamps. The Easy Catcher is a single-piece system that contains a fluid drain drape with an integral flexible support band. The band supports the drape vertically for optimal drainage. The support band also flexes to accommodate the doctor’s mid-section during procedures.

The all-in-one system is fully disposable making it more convenient and quicker to setup and dispose of. In addition, the Easy Catcher has a removable tube adaptor that enables it to connect to the Allen Uro Collection Container and a variety of fluid waste management systems.

Ideal for use with a variety of urology and gynecology procedures including:?

Urologic Oncology ?

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