Today, somewhere in the Kingdome...

The sparkling sunlight of morning...
bright green leaves fluttering in the breeze...
a world overflowing with vivacious signs of life.
Such ordinary wonders await a young girl
who is leaving the hospital today.
We at Reem Alwasat will continue making our utmost efforts...
For the tomorrow that lies beyond illness...
one that is different from yesterday.
For all people worldwide longing such a day.



And also, to win your support
Delivering Innovative Therapies

“I’m home!” On that day, from the moment she is finally being hugged tightly in the arms of her mother, the young girl and her family will begin a new chapter in their lives. This does not mean, however, that the relationship between Reem Alwasat and that family has ended. To create a better society in which this girl may live, and to ensure a plentiful and beautiful natural environment, and to win your support, Reem Alwasat will continue its ceaseless efforts to “Deliver innovative products.”



Our Business Model for Tomorrow
Global Category Leader

We have chosen to pursue a “global category leader” business model so as to become a company truly capable of “Delivering Innovative Products.” In this approach, we focus on highly specialized therapeutic areas (categories) where there is a high degree of unmet medical needs — that is, where there are still insufficient methods for effective treatment. Through the supply of high value-added products, backed by a high level of expertise, we aim to establishing our presence as market leader in select categories, to achieve a high competitive advantage.


The goal of all our activities is to help patients smile once again

There are patients waiting for more effective treatments . For these patients, our medical team, consisting of doctors and other medical staff at hospitals together with our own staff, are working continuously to deliver these new products. It is for this reason that employees at Reem Alwasat are making utmost efforts to deliver new Products. Together with the world’s researchers and medical professionals, we will endeavor to create innovative, reliable ethical products, through the fusion of knowledge and creativity — for the sake of smiles, on the faces of medical professionals and their patients. We are exploring all possible means to help patients smile once again.